You're probably interested in knowing what acaz.org is all about and that's why you're reading this page for sure. Well, I can tell you the obvious thing that it's about the benefits of air conditioning in the state of Arizona specifically, although much of the information in this site is good for other places too.

That's great you may say, but who is writing this site and what do they know?

It's been put together by a long term AC technician and installation expert Robert Bryant who is actually from the east coast but has spent many hot and dry summers in Phoenix to know there is a definite need for real expert knowledge in this field.

The Internet has made this country a very small place indeed in terms of communications and that means Robert can be anywhere in the country or even outside of it and still service local areas and co-ordinate local teams of technicians and maintenance people from his desk wherever that happens to be.

The main focus or mission of this site is to provide information about air conditioners and the several ways we have of keeping cool indoors when its real hot outside. We're not an HVAC maintenance or repair company nor do we directly supply hardware or install it, although we do provide the local information about local companies for the benefit of our visitors.